DUNDJER is partner of the European project “ICBUILD – Boosting the internationalisation for circularity in the building environment” co-financed under the EU COSME Programme Call COS-CLUSINT-2020-3-01.

The ICBUILD Consortium aims at supporting the internationalization of complex circular solutions integrated in construction value chains.
Circularity is not referred to particular competitive characteristic of product to be exported. It is embedded as approach to reach objectives of circular economy and building sustainability within building life cycle and value chains. At the proposal stage we identified three value chains where project partners (cluster, their members) can provide joint value proposition addressing circularity in buildings:


• Smart, low carbon office and apartment buildings applying circular economy and sustainability approach with integrated e-mobility, replicability for different climatic zone, BIM integration, modular& flexible design, smart materials, systems and components, appliances and utilities integrated with BMS, building digitalization (3D scanning and modelling);

• Construction and demolition waste management, on site-recycling & use of recycled materials, resource efficient separation and collection systems, use of industrial waste/end-of-life materials from other industries (including Circularity in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE);

• Bio house made of natural or ecologically grown materials for healthy living in public building and private houses.

The ICBUILD project partners:

1. Slovenski Gradbeni Grozd, Gospodarsko Intereseno Zudrunenje (SL), Coordinator
2. ELCA – European Lighting Cluster Alliance
3. Staropolska Izba Przemyslowo – Handlowa (PL)
4. SolarTech-Investment (HU)
5. Dundjer Udruzenje Gradana (SE)
6. 6. Consorzio Ecodomus – Edilizia sostenibile, risparmio energetico e tecniologie alimentate da fonti rinnovabili (IT)