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At the proposal of the Nisava Administrative District, and in accordance with the needs of economic empowerment of women in the Nisava District, the Cluster House – initiator and coordinator of the Network of 16 Women’s Associations and Clusters of Women Entrepreneurship in South-East Serbia, with the aim of representing the interests and economic empowerment of women, invited the women’s associations, clusters and entrepreneurs led by women in the Nisava District to participate in the first meeting:

Construction cluster Dundjer has attended this meeting as a cluster that is led by woman.


Date and time: Monday, September 3, 2018, 11.30 – 12.30

Address: Nisava Administrative District, Strahinjića Bana bb 2nd floor Nis Serbia

Host of the meeting: Nisava Administrative District, Ms. Dragana Sotirovski, Head of Department

Meeting organizer: Cluster House Nis

Participants – 25 members of the Cluster House business network

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On July 17th 2018 Construction Cluster Dundjer took part at an international event the FIRST MEXICO-SERBIA CLUSTER MATCHMAKING IN BELGRADE


Dr. Danka Milojkovic, H.E. Mr. Marco Antonio García Blanco, Mrs. Branka Simanic, Dr. Manuel Montoya Ortega


This matchmaking event was initiated by Serbian and Mexican Cluster Communities based on long time traditional friendship between two countries, as well as based on collaboration between individuals – cluster practitioners Dr. Manuel Montoya Ortega, director of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo Leon/North Eastern Mexico and Dr. Danka Milojkovic, director of the Cluster House Nis/Southern Serbia, both directors of the Global TCI Network Board of Directors.


Event was organized by the Cluster House and supported by the Ambassador of Mexico in Serbia, H.E. Mr. Marco Antonio García Blanco, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sector for Entrepreneurship in Belgrade led by Mrs. Branislava Simanić, director, Mr. Milovan Kocic, vice president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CEO of the YUMIS Company and the Nisava Administrative District Mrs. Dragana Sotirovski, chief of district.


The Cluster matchmaking between the Cluster House in Serbia and the Cluster Ecosystem of Nuevo Leon gather over 30 participants from national supporting institutions (Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Development Agency, Serbian Credit and Insurance Agency, Nisava Administrative District) and Cluster House Serbian Cluster Network SER ClusNet: Serbian Automotive Cluster, Serbian Wellness, Health Tourism and Spa Cluster, BeOrganic Cluster, Gracia Medica Cluster, Agro Cluster Homolje, Toursim Cluster Avala, Innovative based Construction Cluster Dundjer and Urban Planning Cluster Nis.


Opatija – drvna konferencija Opatija – wood conference 4-5.06.2018.

Construction cluster Dundjer as a participantant at Interreg project Danubiovalnet – Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation
by developing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Region, took part at the 15. wood processing conference in Opatija, Croatia, as a best practice example.

Also at the conference the 3rd Cluster Manager Training will be held on Tuesday, June 5th, from 08.30-10.30 am.

Training on the Development of New Cluster Services.
Intensifying of Cross-sectoral Co-operation in Bio-based Industries

Participants: project partners, scientific-research institutions, companies and clusters
Moderator: Daniel Cosnita, Clustero (Romania)
Co-moderator: Paulina Tomašković, Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of Republic of Croatia

The workshop is intended for all interested entrepreneurs and cluster initiatives.
Successful EU Cluster Managers will present tools and best practices for improving work and the competitiveness of cluster practices.
The emphasis will be on cross-sectoral and international co-operation, EU projects and developing new cluster initiatives in the field of bio-based industries.


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  1. Title of the good practice

Cluster support to the creation of start-up company, Commercialization of Cross-sectoral Innovation

  1. Location of the good practice

Niš, South and East Serbia Region

 Start date of the good practice and end date 01/10/2014 until 01/02/2017

 Description of the good practice

In order to enhance the level of innovation of cluster SMEs, Construction cluster Dunđer supported the special interest group and facilitate the collaboration between the companies from different sectors that were gathered to commercialize the results of the research project that had developed the new insulation product.

The Project IZORTEX was initiated by cluster Dunđer with three cluster members companies: Eromitex, Pinter-Odplast and Vagres. The duration of the projet was one year. The idea was to utilize and upgrade and the results of the 3 years FP7 project STOREPET, funded by EU under Grant Agreement No. 286730 ( that DUNDJER took part as one of 20 partners. Among other results, this project has developed a new nonwoven insulation product that integrates phase change material with heat storage capacity skills for light weight houses”. The IZORTEX project supported the etablishmnt of start-up company Pinter-Odplast with the core activity of the production of textile insulation material. Cluster Dunđer provided support in initiating the project, finding a source of funding, supporting the collaboration of the partners, managing a project, promoting results. The interest of the other company that participated in the project, prominent construction company Vagres, was to have bio-based good quality insulation material for their  light-weight-houses.


  1. Beneficiaries of the service were 3 cluster members companies: 2 producing insulation material and one in construction sector. The project represents the case of good practice with tangible results. The other cluster members are indirect beneficiaries since that they are aware of the availability of the service. Indirect beneficiaries are also the companies from construction sector who have better supply of insulation materials

has the new source of quality insulation materials,  by means of “learning by doing”  triggering individual and institutional learning processes.

25 cluster members took part in the project

  • 5 companies beneficiating from diverse consultancy services
  • 3 companies are investors
  • 2 faculties are engaged
  • 3 software companies are involved
  • 5 design biros will use the new material
  • 7 construction companies will use the material
  1. Output and Results
    Output: 25 companies participating in the project

1 new company established

New product launched to the market

Impact: Closing the value chain loop, to make it more efficient; Demonstration effect to other companies; the newly established company is still working on the market with good business results.

7.Lessons Learned

While the methodology might seem classical at first glance, it is the joint team “consultant – cluster manager” that ensures its success from several points of view: to the consultant team, it offers an easier access to the SMEs and facilitates the promotion of services; to the company, it offers a more filtered and focused access to relevant information and “tailor made” support in view of innovation; to the cluster manager, it raises the level of trust from the side of the member companies, it helps management diversify the spectrum of activities and services and increases the degree of cooperation between members

  1.  Transferability to the biobased industry

The approach is relevant for the bio-based industry. The result is the commercialization of the bio-based product that will be utilized in Construction sector. It is the way that well established classic sector – Construction sector become the part of Bio-based value chain.





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Construction cluster Dundjer from Nis, received a prestigious European award for cluster excellence BRONZE LABEL from the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis ESCA for the total achieved results in its ten-year work. The prize is awarded for excellence in management and the development of the idea of clustering.

Since the cluster was already benchmarked by the European Cluster Observatory in 2009, by the specialization index of 8.7 it was estimated that this award is only a confirmation that the cluster has managed to maintain high quality all these years and become internationally recognizable.

This is the third, but so far the most significant, award given to Cluster Dundjer.

The first was awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology for the best technological innovation in the country in 2010.

The second was in 2011 for the use of ICT, allocated by the Ministry of Telecommunications.

The certificate was received by Ms. Biljana Avramovic, general manager of the cluster.


DUNDJER u medijima

Prva brosura Ministarstva ekonomije o najuspesnijim klasterima u Srbiji

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U magazinu BUILD o Dundjeru



Index specijalizacije po metodi Evropske Opservatorije klastera

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Clusters in Western Balkan Countries


GIFIP project Serbian clusters


Innovation infrastructures in Western Balkan countries


Intervju u inter casopisu Nekretnine Srbije



Infocluster br. 3

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Infocluster br. 6

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Reportaža u dvojezičnom magazinu “Inforeview” br. 2/2010 o građevinskom klasteru DUNĐER

Together against crisis1.jpg

Together against crisis2.jpg

Intervju sa managerom gradjevinskog klastera DUNDJER, Biljanom Avramovic, u prvom broju magazina REGIJA, privredne komore Nis






CZECH-SERBIAN CROSS-CLUSTERS FORUM October 13-14, 2016, Nis, Tammy Residence


The first CZ-RS Cluster Forum was held in Nis, Serbia from 13 -14 October 2016



Within the accompanying business matchmaking event between Czech Republic and Serbia in Novi Sad in September 2015, under the patronage of the Czech Prime Minister Mr. Bohuslav Sobotka and Serbian Prime Minister Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, supported by the Czech and Serbian Chambers of Economy, the MoU between the Czech National Cluster Association and the Serbian Cluster House had been ceremonially signed.

The six-month project CZ-RS CrossClustersNETworking SME Trade Bridge, based on the setting up of trade cooperation between export-oriented SMEs in Czech and Serbia using the clusters as an efficient tool for transnational connections, started in May 2016. The mission of the project is to encourage cross-border cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises – members of the export-oriented clusters through trade cooperation, joint ventures and investments, exchange of knowledge, transfer of know-how and access to new markets.


Initiators and authors of the project are the Global TCI Network members:

danka check.jpg bruskova.jpg

The project is implementing in the framework of Aid for Trade Programme – Serbia, co-funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Check Development Agency, the Serbian Cluster House and non-financially supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia and the Czech Embassy in Belgrade.


The Forum had been opened by representatives from national and regional officials from Serbia:

Mr. Zeljko Stojanovic, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication of the Republic of Serbia

Mr. Milan Krstić, Mayor of the Medijana Municipality, Niš, Serbia

On behalf of the President of Kursumlija Municipality Mr. Dragan Simić, cluster manager, Tourism Cluster Radan, Kuršumlija Municipality, Serbia


The Forum gathered 12 representatives of the Czech clusters and companies and over 70 Serbian clusters and SMEs in the following areas:

EU funded projects. Food processing. Wellness and Health Tourism. Metal sector. Machinery industry. Packaging, chemical industry, bio medicine, recycle industry/waste collection and treatment. Energetics, ecology, oil and gas processing. Wood-processing, Furniture production. Nanotechnology – Agriculture and Food Industry, Chemical Industry (Plastic Material Production) Textile industry – functionalized membranes, application of special composite Nano fibrous yarns.

The Cluster House hosted over 100 SMEs, clusters and academia representatives from Czech and Serbia in Nis, Serbia and contribute to over 60 B2B, C2B and C2C matchmaking meetings.

During the CZ-RS Cluster Forum in Nis, representative of the Serbian Business Women Association and their members supported by the Cluster House initiated the first Serbian Women Cluster Initiative.


October 14, 2016 Check delegation attended the Tourism Cluster Learning Trip „Davil’s Town“ UNESCO protected location within the frame of the Tourism Cluster Radan Kursumlija, South Serbia, with the aims of getting better overview of the development of cluster-based value chain, hearing the Serbian cluster best practice and to contribute to the further internationalization of the clusters and SMEs cooperation in this part of Serbia.

The special importance of this event is that it was organized during the week when the Serbian Prime Minister with Ministries spend a week in the City of Nis with the aim to better understand needs and challenges of Serbian people from the South East Serbia which is the poorest part of Serbia but with the huge capacities in agriculture and food processing, textile, construction, wood processing and furniture production, metal, energy and IT.

From 1-3 November 2016 the Serbian Cluster Family will visit Prague with the aim to further develop business cooperation which started in Serbia and to support transfer of lessons learnt and the best practices in the field of cluster-based economic development.


The following project outputs will be achieved:

– export-oriented clusters and SMEs in the CZ & RS is  mapped and business cooperation is initiated

– interactive web platform/forum for direct business cooperation between the CZ & RS developed

– case studies of the successful internationalization of SMEs in clusters in CZ & RS are created

– Internationalization strategies of two clusters in CZ & RS are prepared.